Al Johnson the Artist


Al Johnson welcomes the opportunity to partner with the community of North Philadelphia to create new visions through art and motivate new ideas in the young and young at heart.  A Return Ticket to Hope will instill pride, a sense of belonging and allow for positive human connections.

The Program

Since 2005, Al Johnson has been opening the world of art to students young and old and making it possible for students to explore and enhance their artistic capabilities. Mr. Johnson teaches the fundamentals of art using a grid development process called the “Envelope Method,” which he employs in design.

Through A Return Ticket to Hope, every student will discover and develop their own sense of direction in art. This journey allows self-discovery and imagination building of greater self-esteem skills. 


One-On-One Demonstrations.

A very proud student!

Work Within the Community

Al Johnson has provided art mentoring for youths and adults at the Brooklyn YMCA and the Patricia Robinson Music Theatre, Brooklyn, N.Y. He also facilitated lectures and gallery presentations for the after school program of the Salvation Army and conducted group art mentoring workshops for both the Jack and Jill Organization of Queens and for the Department of Education throughout the New York City area.

Become a Supporter of A Return Ticket to Hope

We need the support and contribution of patrons of the art, community leaders and people who simply want to make a difference in the lives of the others. If you are interested in contributing to this progam and help provide much needed  art supplies and assist in leveraging operating expenses, please contact


A Young boy's finished project.

Click on Image Below to Lend Your Support and Help Make a Difference!

Click on Image Below to Lend Your Support  and Help Make a Difference!

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